Ramblings, Beginnings, and Love

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my site, and for checking out my very first blog post. Ever. It was a long time coming. Too long, you might say. Years overdue.  But here it is! Stick with me, I'm not rambling, not yet anyway. So, first blog post... Oh! NEW WEBSITE! Look at that, a day of firsts. New logo too. People have been asking me why I changed the logo up, I'll probably explain it here someday, probably on a rainy Sunday.  So, like I was saying, first blog post, new website, and new logo... all changes and steps in the right direction. Obvious really, for a photographer. Need a website. Gotta show off your work, gotta let people know how they can reach you... so why not get it done?  Because it's work! And it's not work that I am good at, so as badly as it was needed, I was just procrastinating on it... for years. Sometimes you need for someone to give you a push. Sometimes a shove. And every now and then, a swift kick in the tuckuss!

Meet Heather.


She's awesome. She's my fiancée, my friend, my assistant , my push, my shove, and my kick in the tuckuss. My love. She's the best.

Heather assists me... I mentioned that, I know. But the reason why is mind blowing...

"I enjoy watching you do what you love to do."  

Yeah... how cool is that, guys? 

Heather was in the picture since I started taking photography seriously.  Always supportive (rarely rolling her eyes (he's talking about photography again, please shoot me)). She gets me. And she was there since the beginning of Darren Elias Photography.

Heather has been pushing me to build my site for YEARS! So, finally, I called Halibut Blue Advertising (because I am decidedly not adept at web design, and they are), and they helped me launch my site. I'll just stick to making photos. Please take a look through my portfolio pages. I hope you enjoy my work. I'd be remiss if I didn't say "if you need a photographer, contact me..." but that's all over the place on here.   

So, thanks for stopping by for the beginning of site and blog, and listening to my ramblings about my love.  Stop back often to check in. I will be writing a lot more about photography (my other love), and sharing images from sessions, weddings, and personal projects. I promise you, I will never post pictures of what I am about to have for lunch. I promise.

And I will never ramble on again either. I'm lying about that. But stick with me.