Ashley & Michael's Wedding Sneak Peeks

"She blinded him with Science!"

Darren Elias Wedding Photography Mike and Ashley

No, really, she did! Well, maybe it was her amazing personality and beautiful smile...  But it did happen in Science class, Environmental Science class at Wilkes University to be precise! She thought Michael was cute, and well, let's just say that Michael didn't NEED to take Environmental Science that year, but he very much needed to be in that classroom. It was in that same classroom that Michael would later propose to Ashley, and the rest is history as they say. Not to be confused with History class. I think maybe Mike learned you can sleep sitting up in History class, and Ashley learned she didn't want to be a History major. But you would have to ask them about that, all I know it they met and fell in love because of Science class!

Ashley & Mike21

I met with Ashley, Michael, and Denise (Ashely's mom) in a coffee shop with a literary name, which made sense since Ashley is an English teacher, on a cold January day. I remember stepping around the ice and slush on the way from my car. Inside we talked about photos, and contracts, colleges and weather, hoping for a beautiful July day for her wedding (which we were given). There was a pause in the conversation, and Ashley looked at her mom and looked back at me and said "We would like to book you for our wedding!"

Ashley & Mike23

Its funny how quickly 6 months flies up on you. Saturday morning, Heather and I had the car packed with our gear and were headed to NJ to Ashley's mom house to photo the girls getting their hair and make-up done before heading over to the beautiful Orange Lawn Tennis Club.

Ashley & Mike4
Ashley & Mike3
Ashley & Mike2

At the Tennis Club, I had the opportunity to meet with Mike as he got into his tux. Mike has a certain presence to him. I can't quite place my finger on it. He just sort of commands attention, I mean, more so than most guys in a tuxedo. Maybe it's because he's a champion deadlifter? (cough cough, sorry about the sleeping in class comment, Mike, please don't break me). He's just a cool and collected guy. I mentioned that I was with Ashley and that she looked beautiful and he lit up! I mean the entire room lit up from his reaction "Did you get to see her in her dress already!?!?" At that point, no, I hadn't seen her in the her beautiful dress yet, but I assured him she looked amazing, and so did the dress.

Ashley & Mike6

And then Ashely arrived. Heather ran interferrence as I shuffled from Mike's room to Ashely's room directly across the hall. They made it clear they didn't want to see each other before the wedding, and we almost had a sighting on the stairs until their lunatic photographer shouted "Whoa!! Stop there! Mike's right here!!!"   Whew! Crisis and bad luck averted (all in a day's work).

Ashley & Mike1
Ashley & Mike7

We wrapped our photos upstairs and said goodbye to Ashley and headed down stairs to await their entrance to the ceremony, which was beautiful.

Ashley & Mike20
Ashley & Mike9

They observed a binding of the hands tradition...  And shortly after, well, you guys all know how this goes.

Ashley & Mike8
Ashley & Mike10
Ashley & Mike24

Michael and Ashley, thank you for inviting us into your lives on your wedding day. Thank you for trusting in me to capture your moment and help to document the beauty of the day. It was an honor to be there. I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks. I hope to see you both soon!

Ashley & Mike17
Ashley & Mike16
Ashley & Mike26
Ashley & Mike15
Ashley & Mike14
Ashley & Mike18
Ashley & Mike19

A touching slide show played while the band played on...

Ashley & Mike25

It was a beautiful day, ended with a magical night. Congratulations!

Thanks for checking in!

~ Darren

PS: The forecast was for afternoon thunderstorms which briefly chased us under the portico, but I had Ashely and Michael covered with an umbrella from the trunk of my car. Not just any umbrella though. An umbrella, that even here New Jersey, was helping to represent the University back in Pennsylvania where it all started.

Ashley told me on Saturday that she took it as a sign when she found out that I was also a Wilkes University graduate. Sometimes things just come together. Like magic. Or science.

Ashley & Mike12