A Lake with Two Sunsets

I haven't done any research into why yet, but very often, at least in my experience more often than not, Harveys Lake in Pennsylvania has two sunsets. 

Tonight, the last night in January 2016, there were two. Here is the "first".

That was taken at 5:22 pm. Not too bad, right? There's some color in there, way in the distance at the horizon. The sky had a lot of potential, but like the jerk who stands up in front of you at the movies to get a drink at the best part of the flick, that cloud very low on the horizon (it looks like part of the mountains, but it is a little lighter) drifted in front of the sun and kept the rays from hitting the thin cirrus clouds overhead. Thanks, jerk. You had all day to drift by, and you waited till the best part of the day to make a move... sigh. But that's the way it goes. There are many a day that I will get to a location in what looks like is going to be a great shot, and some jerk of a cloud blocks the show.

Anyway, after this the color just drained from the sky, the show was over. Roll credits. Nothing left to see here. Just a big dull sky.  Want to see?   Are you sure? Ok...

Wow. Right? Now you're probably thinking, "but you can just fix that with Photoshop..."  And you're right. Want to see it "fixed?"

Not awful, right? Sort of says... I was there. I took a decently composed photograph a dull sunset.  That was at 5:32, ten minutes after the first photo I shared here. The whole time this dull sunset is wowwing me, there was amazing color in the clouds to my south. Color that would have been here too if not for the cloud. I couldn't get a good vantage point for a shot of it, but it was nice and rich, and a hint of things to come my way.

6 minutes later, 5:38, the second sunset showed up like the "after the credits" footage at a Marvel movie...

You can still see the cloud that was hovering on the horizon has broken up and moved every so slightly, but just enough to allow the sun to peek out between the mountains and the cloud, a slice of deep crimson. But ultimately, I'm not sure what makes this second sunset. I'm guessing it's another mountain range, or the sun has just shot far enough over Pennsylvania that it delivers a second, and often more impressive light show at Harveys Lake.

Here are two more from Jan 24, at 5:06PM and 5:18 respectively, in the space between? I nearly packed up my gear as the sunset was over and the light drained from the sky.

Thanks for stopping by!