Autumn Falls

So, I've been extremely remiss in keeping the blog updated, it's actually a little embarrassing how long it has been! It's been a very busy Summer on my end-- great, fun, relaxing, and busy. I hope you had a nice one on your side of the screen too. It was a warm one here in the Northeast, well deserved and appreciated after a Winter that overstayed its snowy welcome.  

Now, though perhaps betrayed by the occasional warm, humid, or dare I say, "hot" day, Summer has passed and my favorite season begins. The leaves begin to turn their beautiful hues of yellow, orange, and red and the air has a fresh crispness to it, and alas, the much loved or detested onslaught of pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING!.  Woooooooo!!!  Not actually a fan of the pumpkin madness, but love the short season that brings it. It IS short, right? I mean, it's three months long on the calendar, but the "season" feels like it's only about half that. Once the leaves all lose their color, drop, and we all bemoan raking, it seems like Autumn is over. Strictly speaking, it runs right up to, what, late December? December 22! Holy schnikes! That's not Autumn, that's Christmastime! I mean, according to the stores in the mall it's Christmas time on Oct 15. Crazy.  I think they need to start and finish seasons on the first day of the month. Spring, March through June. Summer, June through August. Autumn, September through November, and at last, Winter, December through February. That's my two cents. 

ANYWAY!!! I digress (it's my blog and I will ramble if I want to).  Last year, Heather and I married in October and spent our honeymoon in beautiful Lake Placid, NY. Little did we know that Lake Placid all but shuts down the day after Columbus Day, so we ended up having the town almost to ourselves. Not really THAT empty, but very far from crowded. The only day we had to wait for a table was Friday night, when the town starts to fill up again. I highly recommend visiting. Tons of quaint shops, restaurants, Olympic history, and the natural beauty of the region is breathtaking.  

We made it a point to visit the High Gorge Falls while there, just a a short drive out of the village of Lake Placid. We arrived late, and luckily just missed a gigantic tour group (bus trip) that were boarding their bus as we walked into the visitor station. Like the town itself, we had the falls nearly to ourselves! 

The falls are really something else, as is the complex network of catwalks and bridges set up for tourists to traverse them. Heather, with her acute fear of heights, was a real champ in the park, though there were some paths she just wouldn't take.

No, that fallen tree wasn't one of them. I mean, no, she didn't cross it, but that wasn't want I was talking about. You will be able to see my vantage point for this photo in the next photo. I was on a small landing at the bottom of a long steep flight os stairs that just hung over the falls from the wall of the gorge. (Click on the images to see larger versions). 

In the following image, look for the small platform on the top right, that's the spot. Perspective makes it difficult to really feel t he proximity to the falls, but I had to keep wiping the spray off my lens, and hoping I didn't drop anything into the deep gorge below.

Thanks for stopping in, having a read, and checking out my photos. I hope you enjoyed them. For those wondering about summer photos, don't worry, there are plenty of those coming, and long Winter months ahead that will require warm thoughts! For now, let's enjoy Autumn, and all it has to offer in it's brief stay! 

I'm going to have a non-pumpkin-flavored coffee now.